Exhaust system repair at Rosedale BP includes precision exhaust service. You can trust that Rosedale BP can handle all aspects of your vehicle’s exhaust system repair, or the whole system altogether. After a careful inspection of your car’s exhaust system, we will let you know up front what exhaust system repair needs to be done, if anything.

Exhaust Service Roseville Rosedale bpNo one wants to spend more money than necessary on exhaust system repair, that’s why you can count on our repair prices to be fair and competitive, especially for exhaust system repair. We will only suggest the repair or replacement of the necessary components and we replace mufflers, catalytic converters and exhaust pipes so that you can pass emissions tests with confidence.

Rosedale BP EXHAUST TIP #1: When comparing prices for an exhaust repair or muffler replacement, car owners should look at the entire repair and not just the muffler cost. In most cases, your car will not only need a new muffler but might also need a pipe replaced at the same time. Find out what needs to be fixed before you approve any Roseville auto repair shop to begin work. Let Rosedale bp be your starting point.

Rosedale BP EXHAUST TIP #2: Don’t let a “lifetime warranty” be the deciding factor when shopping for muffler repair. Often, even with an entire exhaust system replacement with warranties, the cost of the muffler will be the only thing covered. At Rosedale bp, we offer a 12-month 12,000-mile repair warranty for parts AND labor. Parts warranties are extended in cases where the manufacturer’s warranty is longer. When considering exhaust system repair or replacement, make sure you understand EXACTLY what is covered by the warranty before you approve the work.


Components ( parts of exhaust system ):

   Muffler – Reduces noise coming from the engine
   Catalytic converter – Reduces emissions from the engine
   Pipes – Carry the exhaust gases and noise from the engine to the catalytic converter, the muffler, and then out the back of the vehicle

For honest, competitive and complete auto exhaust repair in Roseville, you can count on Rosedale BP. Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed!

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